Second Wind Trailers is a company that was born from adversity and trial. Its concept has its foundation in hope. Our ‘Second Wind’ was knowing that that our misfortune and hardship will give way to passionate and joy-filled living of our lives with the people we love. Building our first prototype teardrop was an exercise in faith and patience. We imagined all the new adventures this new found way to enjoy the outdoors could provide and we believed it would help us cope with the daily grind of work and difficulty. That is what our ‘second wind’ feels like, and that is what we hope our trailers allow our customers to experience as well.

The shot above was taken as a night shot – during one of those moments, when you realize you are truly blessed to have freedom and family. This exact photo was captured using a camera set on a tripod, set to night mode, with a very long exposure, while being lit from the foreground manually by lights. It was quite cold out, around 4 am – almost pitch black, and nothing but starlight and moonlight was visible. This particular visit to Tahoe was one of our favorite trips in recent memory. We want you to have the same opportunity and pure joy while enjoying one of these fantastic trailers.


Originally the name FREEDOM was chosen in honor of the fighting men and women of our armed forces. In addition, the FREEDOM MAX, FLIGHT, EX and SE are models that are the natural expression of what they will do for you. These trailers are designed and built to provide freedom to explore the outdoors with the function and convenience of home. It’s a safe, warm place to enjoy in even the harshest environments. The Freedom Trailer should take you anywhere you want to go.